Lemongrass Tea

Dietitian's Corner:

As a dietitian, I love making our own teas because it tastes better with our fresh, organic ingredients and we get more antioxidants because our plants are picked at optimal times. Another benefit is that we avoid potential micro plastics found in many tea bags produced commercially. Microplastics have been shown to increase the risk of infertility and cancers in animal studies.

Lemongrass Tea Recipe:



Ginger (optional)

6-8 cups of filtered water


1. Wash lemongrass.

2. Tie lemongrass together.

3. Place lemongrass and ginger in a pot of filtered water.

4. Bring to a boil (about five minutes).

5. Turn off heat and steep for an additional five minutes.

6. Enjoy hot or place in a large container for the fridge to enjoy iced or cold. Lasts about one week in our fridge.


Products We Used:

Jar funnel

Glass canisters




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