Gardening Information:

Lemongrass is a beautiful, ornamental tropical plant perfect for edible landscapes that grows well in zone 8 or higher. It loves hot weather, full sun, and well drained, fertile soil. It contains compounds that can repel bugs (including mosquitoes), so it's a great option for planting around the perimeter of the house or patio area. It also is great to use as a mulch. Make sure to wear gloves when pruning or harvesting as the leaves are sharp!

Lemongrass has a unique, aromatic lemon citrus aroma.

Benefits of growing your own:

  • Fresh and better quality
  • More flavorful
  • Organically grown (if you choose)
  • Repels bugs (check out our bug off balm)
  • Cost savings as store bought is expensive and sometimes hard to find
  • More antioxidants
  • Avoid micro plastics found in tea bags

Lemongrass Harvest Use Ideas (what we do):

  • Fresh or dried for tea
  • Marinades (our lemongrass chicken wings recipe coming soon)
  • Add to soups
  • Mulch

Gardening Products We Use:

Garden shovels

Worm castings


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