Benefits of zero waste skincare products and sustainable skincare

We have all come across the term "There's no PLANET B and our fight against plastics and chemicals. It is challenging to find chemical-free products. Do you want to make your skincare routine more eco-friendly? In this article, we will discuss zero waste skincare, the benefits of sustainable skincare, and tips on how to use zero-waste skincare.


What is sustainable skincare?

In real life, sustainable skincare is somewhat more complex to describe because there are so many unregulated terms that a label might use that can mean more or less anything.

Cosmetics companies may claim to be environmentally friendly or ethical, but they may not practice what they proselytize. Instead, the term "conservation" is used as a promotional tool, resulting in climate change denial.

Sustainable skincare brands must do everything possible to ensure that their environmental footprint is positive. And to find out the authenticity of a zero-waste and organic skincare brand, ensure to check up on its accreditations and validations, such as :

  • Certified Organic
  • Paraben-Free

  • Cruelty-Free(Leaping Bunny or Peta Approved)

Sustainable skincare, by all means, should constitute its ingredients with nontoxic ingredients, i.e., artificial fertilizers, herbicides, or any other toxic ingredients.

These brands always look out for waste management, using renewable energy sources to cinch the least amount of waste produced, and are vegan(products that don't include animal-derived ingredients such as collagen or beeswax). The most shocking part is that some of these products that we see as vegan and organic are still tested on animals. Hence, it is recommended not to presume vegan products as cruelty-free.

Benefits of Zero Waste Products

By now, you must have an idea about zero waste products and their ingredients, but what are the actual benefits of these products? Why we should use organic skincare products that are vegan and cruelty-free are yet to be disclosed. So tighten your seatbelts to know the benefits of the most trending skincare routine and products.

#1 Cut Down Your Expenses

Don't Believe? Well, that's the only truth. When you pay more money, you pay for the destruction of your home planet. But when you pay less, not only do you save your planet, but your skin as well. Zero Waste skincare products such as zero waste lip balms, soap, or moisturizers, are pocket friendly and have more benefits.

#2 Glowing Skin No Matter What

We all are obsessed with glass skin or glowing skin but put almost no effort into attaining it. Well, with zero waste and organic products, your skin will glow as you wish it to be, with minimalistic cost and an approach towards making an effort.

Skincare products such as Cacao Butter lotion bars are 100% organic and all-natural with high-quality, purposeful ingredients that help keep your skin smooth, soft, and nourished.

#3 Zero Irritation and Skin Allergies

Skin allergies are often caused by artificial dyes, added scents, and highly reactive chemicals. Organic and vegan products come up with no fragrances, no synthetic dyes, and other such ingredients that cause irritation, redness, skin allergies, and rashes. Instead of these, zero waste products contain avocado oil, olive oil, or other essential oils that are made out of plants.

#4 Beneficial for Your Body

Even high-end cosmetics can comprise possibly hazardous petrochemicals or other synthetic additives. BHA and BTA are commonly found in lipstick products and are recognized to be carcinogenic — that is, they have a high chance of causing cancer. In the European Union, the use of BHA in fragrances is completely prohibited.

But when you buy organic and zero waste products, you need not be concerned about any of these harmful additives.

#5 Participating in the Wellness of Planet

Each year, the beauty sector produces 146 million tons of trash just from the packaging. Clamshell containers are currently the world's leading benefactor to environmental debris.

On the other hand, being a conscious consumer gives you power and rewards. The giant corporations will notice where their money is going if they switch to an organic makeup line or a sustainable skincare company.

5 Tips For Zero Waste Skincare

Zero waste skincare entails producing little to no waste from across all different facets of your skincare regime. As you advance on your zero waste journey, the product lines you have on your epidermis, their packaging, your Dermalogica routine, and your shopping habits will all play a role.

Hence, here are a few tips on choosing the right zero waste skincare and utilizing it in the best way possible.

a.    Analyze your Skin Type

Analyzing your skin type and texture will always be helpful in cutting costs and then choosing the right product for yourself. We tend to use the wrong products on our way to experimenting. Experimenting can be bad at times, even if it comes to organic products. If your skin type is dry, and you choose a product that is suitable for oily skin only, that can cause a ruckus.

b.   Shop Only Authentic Zero Waste Brands

Several manufacturers are now making zero-waste skincare products for eco-conscious consumers. Because the formulators make these skincare products from natural ingredients, they are mostly cruelty-free, further continuing to support an inherently moral purchase.

There are zero waste skincare products with a recyclable lid, no dangerous substances, and certified plant sources.

c. Prioritize Basic Skincare Products

Cleansers, moisturizers, and sunscreens are all part of a basic skincare routine. Continuing to keep your regimen to a basic minimum reduces the strain that various products place on your cellular membrane. Different skin types will necessitate different products, but the fundamentals continue to stay the same. Finally, if you want to practice zero waste skincare, use up existing products before purchasing new ones.

d. Remember to Check the Ingredients

As mentioned above, there are brands that produce organic and vegan products and still test them on animals. Moreover, there are other ingredients, such as collagen, that do not constitute to become a vegan product.

Many standard skincare products contain plastics, which you may not realize right away, not only in the bottle or tube but also in the formulation. Microplastics containing non-degradable polymers are sometimes used to replace organic ingredients in formulations.

e. Paper Packaging over Plastic Packaging Any Day

If you care about nature, and yourself, try to shift to paper packaged skincare products, replacing plastic packaging. Every year, the cosmetics industry generates more than 120 billion parts of plastic packaging. These plastic packs end up in landfills, and only a small percentage of them are reprocessed. Start looking for biodegradable packaging for your soaps and lotions.


It is possible to have a zero-waste skincare routine. Finding retailers, zero-waste products, and a regimen that appears to work for you may take a while. However, once you've chosen the perfect matches for you, you'll be on your way to stigma skincare. Begin by replacing one item on your dermalogica counter with a more sustainable alternative.